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A Political Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization

Organized Influence to Transfer and Control the White House

By: Xavier McKnight

Political RICO Democratic National Comittee (DNC) Special Interest Contributions Media Contributions & Collusion What the White House Knew, Did & Didn't Do State Department Concealment & Propaganda Congressional Assistance: Inner-Cirle & Dups Clinton Positions & Interest

PartyGate is a "Den of Collusion" that defies any individual foundation. It centers on the fundamentals of a distributed effort by the many components necessary to carry out a legal coup on the White House, Congress and the American People. Similar to how of Johnny Torrio (Al Capone's predecessor) in the 1920s organized many small gangs to operate in coordination as one large organization (of crime).

By any other definition that may be applied in the private sector, the collective of participants today must be considered a Political Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization (PRICO). A Distributed Network of Collective Participants Organized to Influence Public Perception for the Express Purpose of Controlling which Candidate is elected.

Documentation dating back to 2008 show Political Reporting activities and content publish by Media have been intentionally blurred to influence voter knowledge by misrepresenting factual details. In the overall picture, Media "collectively including several hundred Media Organizations, Personalities and Journalist who secretly collaborated to benefit the Obama Campaign" provided the key communication mechanisms. Since the 2008 Election, several Political Organizations, Public Offices, Personnel and Media have been identified as participants who shaped and delivered false messages that misinformed and misdirected American Voters from more factual content regarding Political/Legislative activities.

The participants and tactics demonstrating Organized Efforts appear to be centered around the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Special Interest. It immediately extended to the White House (President Obama), the State Department, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation and several hundred Media Interest.

Some in Congress are and have been calculated participants while others are simply drawn into the frey by instinct. But party loyalty doesn't excuse "absence of action" in the face of the misrepresentations that have been pulled over the American Voter's eyes - making even the unwitting culpable participants. Including those who currently refuse to participate in correcting ObamaCare, Immigration or National Security.

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Oct. 21, 2016
Mar. 25, 2017